Our Previous Work

Our Partners and a glance of our work progress so far. We are proud of our achivements and we share them here for you to feel safe and for us to take strength as we would not be who we are today without you and our partners. We are happy and gratefull to be with you all in the Market!

Electronis Technology - eTesla

One of the biggest company in the market, Electronic Technology Engineering Systems Labaratory and Automation, is a power invention company for electrical and electronic equipments. They gave us the advantage to be part of their major project to be fullfilled. Using our expirience and knowledge, we made all network technology to their premises possible and with hard work and cooperation we succeeded together.

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Acropolis Network Systems - Trading Electronics

AcropolisNet Systems is a Private Company professioned in electronics, designing and producing innovative Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)for manufactures around the globe. For more than 30 years in the market, the company has the experience it needs to service any sort of electronic board of any kind for any use, home or factory level. Its innovative technologies has hit the market right from the start.

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Global Network Bizness LLC.

Global Network Bizness is a software company that Designs and Develops integrated programs for hardware appliances and computing technology on high and low level language programing. Producing a very safe and secure environment.

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Web Electronic Hosting Private Company

One of our main partners to the way of success, is Web Electronic Hosting Private Company, developing and designing web sites together is feeling at Home. We work as one to achieve the impossible and be ahead on the market with the fast grouth of internet network technology.

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